Amazon Will Offer 2-Hour Whole Foods Delivery

Dear Amazon, please offer this service in NYC soon!  

Ever since I moved to Queens and stopped driving, the simple task of grocery shopping became a procedure.  Yes, I've seen people with those little push-carts, but I refuse to get one.  Why?  Well for one - I would tend to do my grocery shopping on my way home from work, and clearly, I'm not bringing my little pushcart along.   Don't they look a little old-ladyish too?  Just sayin'.  

So mostly my groceries come from delivery services such as FreshDirect, and more recently Amazon Fresh (because they will leave it right at my door... USPS just drops it off in the little green tote.)  

Ever since Amazon acquired Whole Foods we've started to see drops in prices in items such as bananas and yogurt.  It's great!  As much as I LOVE Whole Foods, I didn't shop there often because they were SO expensive until now.  Fresh offers the Whole Foods brands now and I get to conveniently receive my groceries at home.  Did you see that there will soon be 2-hour delivery for Prime members now too? It's almost too good to be true... read on -  

From PIX 11:


Nationwide THIS YEAR!  This can't come soon enough.   

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