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Olympic Curling

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Last week I was on vacation and many of you asked where I went and what I did... Here's the answer:  I made it a staycation and watched the Olympics NON-STOP.  I don't think I missed an evening.  While my favorite events are the figure skating, snowboarding half pipe, ski jumping and aerials... many are just fascinated by the Olympic sport of - CURLING.  

Yep - curling... where it looks like you're Swiffering really fast around a Roomba.  


Haha, right??!  😂🤣

In all seriousness though... here's your chance to actually learn the sport.  

According to the NYC Patch

Prospect Park offers curling lessons, private games and even leagues out of the LeFrank Center at Lakeside along with other Olympic events like figure skating, hockey and broomball, according to the park.

How cool!!  

They continue: 

Instructors offer 90-minute lessons in the sport — where teams slide stones on ice to a target — for $65 that teach the basics of the game and simulate matches. The park provides the equipment and asks participants to only bring a clean pair of sneakers and warm clothes.

Groups of eight can also book private lessons at the center for $60 per person and people truly dedicated to the spot can join a league at the 171 East Drive rink.

You know what this means now?  

See you at the Olympics!!  Haha -- have a great day!  



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