Cigarette-Smoking Man Ducks Under Oncoming NYC Subway

If you're an NYC commuter, your ride in yesterday morning may have been snarled by this man, who decided to duck under an incoming B train as it pulled into the station.  

According to the article from the NY Post

“Right before the train hit him, he ducked under the platform. Everyone turned away, thinking he was dead — it was terrible,” said Little Italy resident Shon Mogharabi, 31, who captured astounding footage of the incident on his phone.

“Then he waved his hand from between the train and the platform and we were all shocked.”

Can you even imagine? 

Mogharabi's Instagram post reads: 

Been living in NYC way too long. Saw a guy on the tracks this AM, with the B train speeding ahead. I tried to pull him out and he ducked under the tracks just before it hit him. He’s all good though, he just enjoyed a morning cig under the train after.


According to police, the culprit is the nicotine-loving, 52-year-old Rafael Gonzalez who has a long rap sheet including multiple counts of assault as well as a criminal sex act, burglary and public alcohol consumption — in addition to summonses for urinating in public and turnstile jumping.  This guy sounds like a real winner.  

The surprise though:  He wasn't arrested again - he was instead brought to Bellevue Hospital, escorted by police.  

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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