High School Sweethearts Finally Marry - In Clifton High School Hallway

This story is going to make you go 'awwwwww!'  Chris and Jenn first met when they were freshmen at Clifton High School in New Jersey and soon after became high school sweethearts.  

The part of this story that is just SO sweet - the two went their separate ways after high school - each with their separate lives.  The two only reconnected after their previous relationships didn't work out. 

After discovering that their love was as strong as ever - they decided to make it official... taking it back to the place where it all began:  The hallway of Clifton High School!   


It only took 28 years!  Their love story will now continue with this new chapter... congrats!  See more from this story and pictures from the wedding HERE

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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