Bad Parenting: Brooklyn Mother Joins In Schoolyard Fight

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This is insane!  A Brooklyn mom was arrested this week after JOINING IN on a fight between her daughter and another student.  Way to teach your kids about bullying huh?  In my opinion, the only time a parent should involve themselves in a schoolyard fight is to break it up.  Read on from PIX 11

MILL BASIN, Brooklyn — A Brooklyn mother, Tameekah Douglas, was arrested earlier this week after she was caught on camera joining in a schoolyard fight.

Chyna Tenpow, 13, was attacked February 15, in the playground next to Roy H. Mann Junior High School in Mill Basin. The fight was a continuation of an altercation that started in January.

Renee Tenpow says her daughter Chyna often asks her, “mom, do you think they are going to come after me again?”

On the cell phone video, Douglas can be seen dragging Chyna by her hair and punching her.

Douglas is charged with third degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. She was released from jail without bail, she is due back in court in April.

The Department of Education released the following statement:

“Safety always comes first, and the school followed protocol by immediately reporting this troubling incident to the NYPD. We take all allegations of bullying seriously and swiftly addressed this incident, including taking appropriate disciplinary action.”

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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