Charlie Puth Chats About New Album, Perfect Pitch & That HAIR!!

Ok - I'll start this by saying I've been wanting to meet Charlie Puth for a WHILE.  We're both kinda geeky and chill (but you gotta love us!)  Something you might not know is that Charlie has been single-handedly working on his album, Voicenotes which is due out May 11th.  Meaning:  He's producing it ALL HIMSELF- which certainly strays from the norm... usually an album has a LOT of people behind it... so color me impressed.   He's written all the songs himself - and even beatboxes! 

One reason I really wanted to pick his brain is his perfect pitch - which is the ability to identify and reproduce any note on the scale accurately.  I don't have that - but it's close (relative to middle C) -- and when I nerd out at home I constantly test myself.  

2 weekends ago, we got to see Charlie at our iHeartRadio Music Awards and that is where he put on a great performance AND debuted his amazing new hair!  What's his plan with that?  Will he eventually donate it?  Watch the video and see - 

He also discusses his reaction to being asked to perform at the LA 'March For Our Lives' event coming up this weekend.  

BTW: shoutout to the LuMee Case (who did NOT sponsor this video, haha!), to Intern Steph who filmed for us and to all our fellow Sagittarians!  Whooohoo.  


Isn't he amazing? 


Oh Charlie - we love you too! 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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