Smoking Ban On NYC Sidewalks? Could Happen If This New Bill Is Passed


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Dear Smokers, 

I get it.  And I see there are two sides to this story.  You're probably asking yourself: "If I can't smoke outside, where the heck am I supposed to go?"


The other side to this... you have asthmatics (like me), people who are allergic, and even children who have to be careful just walking down the sidewalk - sidewalks which are crowded enough as it is.  I'd prefer to not be inhaling your secondhand smoke or even worse, accidentally burned by your lit cigarette.  

So yeah.  What can be done?  Is there a way to make everyone happy? 

PIX 11 is reporting that sidewalk smoking could be banned under a newly proposed bill: 


Truth be told, smoking is terrible for you.  I remember back in the day walking into a restaurant to have the host or hostess ask "smoking or non?"  How times have changed - I think it's nice to see NY doing all it can to keep New Yorkers healthy... Hey - if you quit today you can start saving some dollars.  

Thoughts on this?  (Let's keep the comments civilized.)  :)

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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