Brooklyn Councilman Wants To Ban Required After-Hours Work Emails

Well, it worked in France, right?  New legislation aimed at protecting the rights of workers, would actually fine employers (with more than 10 employees) for demanding after-hours e-mail responses.  

From NYC Patch

City Councilman Rafael Espinal is pitching a new bill that would make it illegal for bosses to demand employees check emails, texts or Slack messages after working hours, the Brownsville representative announced Thursday.

The "The Right to Disconnect" legislation was introduced yesterday would require bosses with 10 or more employees to tell them they have the right to stop working after their workday is done.  

I honestly think it's so important for people to feel that they have downtime to rest and recharge... and most importantly time to spend with family and loved ones without feeling the need to check their phones every 5 minutes. 

Well - I'm sure plenty of people are checking their phones, but with this new legislation, it would make it all on them if they can't bring themselves to unplug.  

Thoughts on this?  


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The Patch adds: 

The new law would not ban after-hours emails completely, but rather outlaw bosses from making post-work communication a requirement for keeping a job, according to Espinal.

The penalty for employers who break this law would be required to shell out $250, and up to $1000 for repeat offenders.  It also states the fine would be $2500 if the worker loses their job. 

The bill is modeled after similar ones overseas, (i.e. France.)  

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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