Flying Veils Are The Latest Wedding Trend

Are you ready for the latest wedding trend?  You may want to sit down, because it's a weird one:  A flying veil!  


The veil will actually float down the aisle and gracefully plant itself atop the bride on her big day.  I suppose if it's done right, it can be kind of cool?  What do you think?  Just so you can get an idea of this, check out this Instagram video from akr_bridal:


Ok, no judging, but I'm not hating it.  I wonder if they can do the same thing with the cake?  Straight into my mouth! Just kidding

More on this trend:

These videos of the flying veils have been shared on social media since January... in China, which is where this trend was born!   

The veil is strung up and travels down the aisle along two rails on the ceiling until it is dropped over the bride.

Reactions have been pretty mixed... what do you think?  Are you on board, brides-to-be?? 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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