Reports Of Loose Tiger In Manhattan: Turns Out To Be A Raccoon


Raccoon / Getty Images

What the?  How does one mistake a raccoon for a tiger??!  Do you use the Citizen app?  I do - and I really love it.  Most of the time it reports minor crimes in the area by monitoring police scanners.  I have it because in my mind it keeps me out of harm's way -- or sometimes I get a good laugh at seeing 'Drunk man waving half-eaten pizza at passersby.'  LOL

Anyway, the Citizen App sent out a notification warning residents of "unconfirmed reports of a loose tiger running around the street".  NYPD ended up getting so many calls about the "tiger" that a spokesman began answering the phone by saying "It's not a tiger, it's a raccoon!" 

From PIX 11:

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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