New Touch-Free Packaging For Raw Meat Since Millennials Are Squeamish

Raw Meat

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Millennials... you kill me.  I mean, I get it... no one really LIKES to touch raw meat - but if you cook with meat (meaning you're not a vegetarian), commit to it and cook your darn food.  

A supermarket in the UK called Sainsbury's is now introducing new 'touch-free' packaging targeted at millennials, as studies have shown they're particularly squeamish about touching raw meat. 

According to a recent study: 25% of the population prefers not to handle raw meat, and that number jumps to 40% among younger cooks.  

The one plus side to this 'rip and tip' packaging, I suppose it does limit the spread of salmonella if you're working with chicken... but there's also something called washing your hands.  Thoughts? 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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