Ne-Yo Reveals Gender Of New Baby, Talks New Music + More

If there's one artist whose visits I look forward to the most -- hands down, that would be Ne-Yo.  Ne-Yo is simply a nice guy -- a #GoodMan (see what I did with that? Hehe, but more on that later... )  He's genuine too because that award-winning smile comes from the eyes... just watch below! 

It's been about 3 years since his last album, so I think we were all kind of curious to know where's he's been and what he's been up to.  In this, we'll find out about all the projects he's got cookin' from a new album to a baby on the way, to his upcoming KTUphoria performance! 


OMG - did Ne-Yo just spill the beans that there's going to be another 'Give Me Everything' type of record with Pitbull?  #dead!  Who would you like to see Ne-Yo collaborate with?  I can totally see something with Charlie Puth maybe?  Dua Lipa?  This guy is the 'King of Collaborations' because he is such a nice guy, or as I like to say 'plays well with others.'  He's also the king of hats!  

Ne-Yo:  Next time you're in NYC, let's go hat shopping!  We have to find the perfect fedora for my tiny head.  


Baby on the way... and it’s a.................... πŸ‘Άβ“πŸ‘§ #congrats to @neyo for some amazing life happenings! See him perform at #KTUphoria on 6/16! #GoodMan is out 6/8! 🎢🎡 Full interview coming to - keep an eye out πŸ‘€


That shirt!  πŸ‘

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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