Sting And Shaggy Love Jimmy Fallon For This Amazing Reason

Here was my Tuesday in a nutshell.  I had just watched Sting & Shaggy perform on LIVE with Kelly & Ryan right before I went live on the air, and thought to myself:  "It's cool that Sting & Shaggy are in New York again -- I really wish they would stop by the station."  The prior night they had a blast on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Anyway, even while thinking it, I thought the chances were slim as they had already been at our studios not too long ago with Cubby & Carolina right before their album, 44/876 dropped.  

So then, it happens.  I get a text from our boss saying that they're coming... and would I like to have them on?  Ummm yessssssss!  For about 2 seconds I panicked because I was NOT camera-ready.  Many days I roll into work with no makeup on, etc... but I learned from the best (shout out to Carolina) and had my trusty curling iron and lipstick in my purse.  Let's GO!  

The cutest part of entire thing:  these two LOVE each other.  I had the studio all set for one to sit on one side of the studio and one to sit in Carolina's chair, but they insisted on being right next to each other before we started rolling.  Awww!  

During the interview, they discuss their friendship... the making of their album (which is getting rave reviews btw) -- how they recorded it TOGETHER... meaning both of them in the same place at the same time.  These days a lot of artists just send in their piece and the two will not together at the same time during the recording process.  Not the case here.  


Another thing both Sting & Shaggy have in common:  They both LOVE Jones Beach.  Come see them at KTUphoria, it'll be SUCH a great time.  

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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