Backstreet Boys Interview With Wendy Wild

As they would say... KTUphoria - it's like their second residency!  The Backstreet Boys just dropped a new single today, their first in 5 years.  It's PERRRR-FECT!  Don't Go Breaking My Heart is classic BSB... really... it has that early 2000's vibe, but it's new and amazing.  Also, if you watch the video - or maybe saw them last year at our show, you know they've got some MOVES.  Is it me, or do these guys never age?  


We also discussed Kevin's sexy radio voice, plans for the new album/tour... and of course... their 'Spice Boys' - Spice Girls tribute and Nick's new love for dresses.  Poor Howie though may need a foot massage.  Check out the interview above and let me know what you think.  Are you coming to see them on June 16th at Jones Beach?  

Thanks Guys!   What a blast to catch up!  

PS - Here's their video - it's trending right now on YouTube! 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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