Charlie Puth On Being a "Nerdy" Rockstar

On Friday October 5th, Charlie Puth stopped by the KTU studio to talk playing the keytar, song writing, and playing shows in New York City. This may have been my nerdiest interview ever and I loved EVERY minute of it!

Last time he came into the studio, Charlie inspired me to learn how to identify music notes within songs. I think I finally got it down. Charlie was impressed! He even said I have "relative pitch." Maybe we could co-write a song together one day... just an idea!

I had to bring up the instrument we always see him playing - the keytar. Charlie discloses that he learned how to play it since he doesn't know how to play the guitar. He got his inspiration from the movie "Back To The Future" and is a self proclaimed "nerdy rockstar" because of it.

The last time we saw Charlie Puth in concert was in July at Radio City Music Hall. Charlie admitted that he always gets nervous for New York shows He said "I was nervous for Radio City...I am New Jerseyan/ New Yorker, I just wanna make my people proud." Don't worry Charlie, you have definitely made us proud!

I can't wait for new Charlie Puth music to come and to see my friend again soon! Charlie, I'm available to jam anytime you want. Watch my full interview with Charlie Puth below.

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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