Robyn Fans Throw Spontaneous Sing/Dance Party On Subway Platform

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I'm so jelly I wasn't there. I saw on Insta that my bff, Alvin went last night to see one of his faves, Robyn at MSG. From the looks of the video below, the after party was even more fun than the concert!

From Gothamist:

On Friday night, a Swedish singer/songwriter/goddess Robyn took over Madison Square Garden for a sold out show. And what happened after the concert was equally as magical as what took place inside the venue: Robyn fans, packed on to the A/C/E platform at Penn Station (a familiar scene after big shows at MSG) spontaneously burst into song. Below, watch as throngs of Robyn fans belt out "Dancing On My Own" while waiting for the train. It is delightful.

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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