Tips To Avoid Tainted Booze When You Travel

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Last week’s announcement about 19 dying in Costa Rica from tainted booze, added to the mysterious deaths in the Dominican Republic, have made people think twice about international travel –especially the drinking aspect of it. More than likely, the biggest issue you’ll have any place is drinking water that isn’t as clean as you’re used to, but if altered alcohol is something you’re concerned about, there are some steps you can take to keep you, your loved ones, and your liver safe.

  • Warnings –Do some research and find out if the local government has issued any warnings…they do that for a reason. Pay attention to what they’re warning you about and follow their instructions on how to protect yourself.
  • Trust Your Instincts –When you’re in a grocery store, you wouldn’t buy something that looked like it had been opened or tampered with, right? Pay attention to the bottles when you’re drinking from. If it looks like it’s been messed with or suspicious in any way choose another option or location. Watch for price, too. If it’s amazingly cheap – even for a place known for being cheap – that could be a sign that something’s up.
  • Know Your Body –The first signs of being poisoned are like the feeling you have when you’re getting loaded. Once things become more than just “drowsy, unsteady, and disinhibited,” though, you may have a problem. Signs of methanol poisoning can resemble a hangover with good times like puking, headaches, and vertigo. If you notice vision problems or breathlessness, you should be getting to a doctor or convulsions or even a coma could be in your future.

Source:Life Hacker

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