Did This Couple Adopt A Grown Woman Posing As A Child?


From Inside Edition:

Was Natalia Grace really a child when she was adopted by an American couple, or was she a woman posing as a little girl? Michael and Kristine Barnett adopted Natalia in Florida in 2010. They say they were told she was from Ukraine and had a rare form of dwarfism. Michael Barnett said the couple believed the girl was 6. The couple, who are now divorced, claim they were scammed into adopting Natalia, who is really a 30-year-old woman, they say.

Here's more on this crazy story, including where Natalia is now: https://www.insideedition.com/couple-says-daughter-they-adopted-was-actually-an-adult-woman-56580

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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