'El Bloombito' Is Tweeting Again... About Possible Presidential Run?

  • Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly going to jump into the Democratic presidential race.
  • According to sources, the billionaire businessman is planning to file for Alabama's Democratic primary – and the state’s deadline for filing is today.
  • Bloomberg has previously toyed with the idea of launching a presidential run, but said earlier this year that he wasn’t interested.
  • Still...all signs are that he’s jumping in – as a number of sources say he realizes this is the last chance he has to do so.

My thought is that the return of the Twitter parody account: @elbloombito might say something about the former NYC Mayor's intentions, lol...

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Who doesn't miss this account, lol?!

From the NY Times:

Yo soy in it to win it!
@elbloombito is back to translate Michael Bloomberg’s putative run for the White House into really bad Spanglish — and poke fun of the billionaire ex-mayor in the process.

According to "Forbes," Bloomberg's current wealth is estimated at $52-billion.Compared to President Trump,who's net worth was last tallied at about $3-billion.