Get Ready With Me - 4/14/20

The sun is shining today! Inspired by spring, I opted to go for a foundation-free, glowy, sun-kissed look with minimal eye makeup.

How are you holding up in self-isolation? Have you picked up a new hobby or learned something new? Kudos to my friend Jaki who has been taking an online course in mindful happiness. You’ll find that a lot of universities and institutions have opened up some of these classes to the public for free. It’s a motivating thought that we can hopefully all come out of this as improved versions of ourselves.

Reading through a few of your comments on my Instagram, it seems like you’ve been keeping busy too:

I’ve been slowly revamping my wardrobe. Upcycling!
– Maria

I love this!

I’ve been working on memorizing patient assessment for my state EMT exam in June
– Katie

I REALLY love this!

Also, did you see this yesterday?

I hope you have a relaxing rest of your evening. Let’s catch up tomorrow morning around 8:30 on Instagram Live – I look forward to connecting with you and hearing your ideas for what I can feature in my next video. I’m always looking for suggestions, so please comment below, e-mail me, or send me a DM. ♡

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