Adorable Owl Rescued from Rockefeller Center Tree

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has finally arrived in New York City -- and with it, an adorable stowaway. Workers discovered an adult northern Saw-whet owl while they were unwrapping the tree and setting it up.

(There's the tree, which is a story on its own.)

But seriously, how cute is this little guy? I feel SO bad - he must be so confused. One minute he's happily at home, and the next he's being transported to the middle of Rockefeller Center.

Ellen Kalish, the director and founder of Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, New York, stepped in to save the festive friend. Although he looks healthy, he was without food and water during the transport (😞😢😭) and will be evaluated by a vet in the next few days before being released in the wild.

Thrive little man. Don't let 2020 get you down.