Which Drink Order Is A First Date Dealbreaker?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I think we're all a little judgy, especially when it comes to dating. First dates are supposed to make a good impression and according to a new study, you may want to consider your drink order.

Back when I was out there dating, my go-to would always be a cider or white wine only because I'm clumsy and could imagine myself having a red wine mishap all over my blouse.

Some of the results of this study were interesting though - here are the highlights:

  • Sixty percent of men surveyed agreed a bad drink order would be a “deal-breaker” compared to just 32% of women.
  • Three in five said a martini will make the ultimate good impression. The top other drinks that would leave potential partners impressed with their date were gin and tonics (46%) and Manhattans (45%).
  • On the other hand, the drink most likely to make a bad impression was a Long Island Iced Tea (22%). 

In my opinion which is based on the only time I've ever had a Long Island Iced Tea - those looking to enjoy one has one goal in mind and that's to be lie-on-the-floor drunk, so they may not be focused on getting to know their date. Thoughts? Have you ever judged someone based off of their drink choice?