The Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette Is Bringing All The Nostalgic Feels

Blockbuster Video Card

When I was a kid growing up in the 90's, our mom would take us to Blockbuster on Friday nights where I would then dart over to the New Release section, hoping and praying that the movie I wanted to see wasn't sold out. Kids these days will never know that pain, lol. There was something about that experience before everything turned to streaming that made you super-excited to venture out. Would you believe I still have my Blockbuster card somewhere? It's a collectors item! And speaking of -- the folks over at Hot Topic are releasing a limited edition eyeshadow palette that's been designed to look like the Blockbuster VHS case! How cute!

Take a peek at the names if you can too... New Releases, Fantasy, Horror, and more. Something tells me this work of beauty might last just as long as Blockbuster did, so if you're hoping for one of these, I'd act fast.

Was going to Blockbuster back in the day a fond memory for you too?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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