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PEZ Candy Shares Myth-Busting Video To Set The Record Straight

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PEZ Candy USA is now on TikTok, joining the platform after a viral video there led some PEZ lovers to believe there’s a way to load its tablets into the plastic dispenser while removing the wrapper all at once.

Listen, we've all seen some pretty useful hacks on TikTok, but apparently this isn't one of them.

The company shared a “myth-busting” video to set the record straight.

They wrote, “Myth Busters: you can’t load a wrapped #PEZ candy roll from the bottom. Check out the proper way. Bonus if you can get all 12 tablets in the first try.”

The PEZ-approved way to load the candy is to open the wrapper while holding the candies flush between your thumb and index finger, and then place it into the dispenser when the slide is all the way up.

I used to LOVE those PEZ dispensers when I was a kid. Did you have a favorite?

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