Candlelighters NYC - Helping Kids With Cancer

Cancer is something that affects all of us. Either we know someone who has been diagnosed with it, or know someone who knows someone who has. 

A friend of mine recently told me about this organization based here in NYC called Candelighters NYC that focuses on helping kids who have been diagnosed with this horrible disease and provides support for their families.

NYC is known to have some of the BEST pediatric cancer treatments which is why Candelighters NYC has gotten involved by helping to assist these kids through all their stages including discovery, diagnosis, treatment and remission.

While watching the video below, and checking out their website, I love that Candelighters NYC focuses on getting the kids attention off of this disease by setting up fun activities, and parties, while also taking them to cool places like concerts and zoos while there are here in NYC to help them be able to be the kids they deserve to be.

If you're looking to get involved with this amazing charity, click here for more info!

Photo Credit: YouTube/Instagram

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