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Mic Check - Did You Hear? Half Of Us Are Vaccinated And Someone's Stamping Out The Tramp!

It’s a well over-due episode of TOC where the gang takes the opportunity to catch up. You’ll never guess who the first to be vaccinated was! (Hint: It wasn’t Wendy!) Astra finds a dream hustle for Danielle that involves becoming a sommelier. Wes goes into detail on his vasovagal reaction. Astra is rich in microphones, but ditching her dating apps, and Wendy is on a mission to photograph every scenic location in the Tri-State. Plus, on a first date, should both people split the bill? We discuss all of that and more! Like, Subscribe and Follow PLUS check out our video on YouTube.

We’re Ready To Cancel Our 2021 Membership⁣!

On this week’s episode we reflect on the first week of 2021. Already off to a rocky start, we hope to offer a little distraction for the next 40 minutes. ⁣

Astra makes a major upgrade to her life, but suffers a bit of a fail. ⁣

Danielle wants to save the lipstick industry and discusses how 2020 caused a consumer shift to skincare.⁣

Wendy is Obé-obsessed with her at home workout program. ⁣

Wes is trying to figure out what to do with all of his 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.⁣

And together, the gang tries out the hottest new social networking app, Clubhouse.⁣

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From Regifting To Recycled Leftovers And Random New Music - Anything Goes This Holiday Season!

Cheers!  It’s a topic-filled episode with your 4 favorite friends.  We catch up on Astra supporting NYC businesses and an app where you can get some yummy grub. Danielle fills us in on regifting etiquette and holiday cocktails.   
Wes started his new job! Where is he now? Wendy shares some new music with us and talks about #WendysEye. Together we chat about our holiday plans!
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NYC's Charlie Brown Christmas & More School Closings? Maybe A Drone Show Can Brighten The Mood

Buckle up!  It’s a topic-filled episode with your 4 favorite friends.  We catch up on Astra’s birthday extravaganza.  Danielle fills us in on something truly magical she was a part of.  Wes is ready for the next chapter, but what is it? Wendy talks COVID and Thanksgiving, school closures, vaccines, etc… and together we are extremely skeptical about the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree:  is it like a boob job that needs to settle, or is this just peak 2020?  Plus we break down your 10 most popular erotic dreams and with who! Don't forget to like, follow and subscribe and you can watch it all go down on our YouTube Channel!

The Insecure 20’s, Don’t Pee Shy 🙈

On this week's episode, Wendy suggests we talk to a professional catfish catcher after last week’s discussion. Meanwhile, Astra believes she is an actual pro.
Astra shares a juicy story of something she did in her past that has the rest of the crew in shock!
Were we all a little bit stalker-ish in our 20's? Are 20-somethings these days a little less insecure?

We also touch upon cohabitating when there's only ONE bathroom! What's the etiquette there?

Wes is still on the job hunt and Danielle gives an update on Uncle Johnny from the Elvis Duran Morning Show. ♡

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Catchin' Catfish, Red Zone Life, Plus Thoughts On Trick Or Treating And More!

Astra reels in a big one... a catfish that is. Should she lend her detective skills to dating apps to help verify identities? Danielle is staying mum on a top secret project. Wes and Wendy reflect on life inside the red zone. Might there be another round of stockpiling groceries? Tune in to find out and don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to stay up-to-date with your favorite friends.

Covid Red Zones, Mariah's Memoir and Fall Baking Ideas!

On this weeks episode, Wendy is feeling SPICY and meeting up with one of our listeners to try their hot sauce called Silva Bullet. Wes is concerned about being in a Red Zone but he isn’t alone as Wendy is too. Danielle finally received Mariah Carey’s book in the mail and Astra is sharing her baking recipes (and eating the goods too)

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Cocktails And Catching Up

On this episode of Tales Over Cocktails, the crew is back together again for a much-needed catch up sesh.  

They discuss indoor dining which has just returned to NYC at 25% capacity this week. Danielle’s been putting her PR skills to the test, Wendy has been geeking out in the world of photography, graphic and website design.  Astra fills us in on her trip to Mexico, and together the gals try to help Wes prepare for what’s next in life.  

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Catching Up With Astra, Wendy, Danielle and Wes!

The foursome is back for a catch up session. After all this time, we found out that Wes decided to manscape, Astra still doesn’t know the fate of her living situation, Danielle has been reading and drinking her 40th birthday party favors (an entire year later) and Wendy has turned into a photography/multimedia tech guru! We also have a guest bartender on the pod! Take a listen and don’t forget to follow, rate and subscribe.