Breakfast At Tiffany's With A Kardashian...sorta

If there is one place that I have been wanting to go ever since I heard about it's opening, it's The Blue Box Cafe aka Breakfast at Tiffany's here in NYC.  When they first opened over the holidays, trying to get a reservation was nearly impossible. Now that things have started to slow down, unless you're a celebrity, there's still a wait list for reservations.

After patiently waiting for one month, my boyfriend and I finally made our way to Tiffany's on Fifth Ave this past Monday. As you may or may not know, I'm a huge foodie and I couldn't decide if I wanted breakfast or brunch - so we both decided to get one breakfast item and share one lunch item. Why not right? He had the buttermilk waffle, I had the truffle eggs, and we shared the Fifth Avenue salad which was topped with over a pound of Maine Lobster, avocado and pink grapefruit.

As we were eating, I had a flashback to a photo that I saw a couple of months ago on Kourtney Kardashian's instagram page. I quickly realized that we were sitting at the exact same table that she sat at with her daughter Penelope and Kim's daughter North West. maybe I didn't have Breakfast at Tiffany's WITH Kourtney and the kids, BUT my booty did share the same seat as her. However, I bet she didn't end her breakfast/brunch with their special celebration cake like we did!   

Credit: Instagram

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