Episode 3: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 4 Edition 3 - Eating Clean, Health is Wealth!

Episode 2: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 4 Edition 2 - Achieving Your Full Potential!

Are you a multipotentialite?  Great word huh!? Find out what that means, and see if you are living up to your fullest potential with Judy and her special guest Darrell W. Butler.  Also, Poochie drops by! Find out how and why she plans to have a sandwich named after her.  It's all that and more, as Judy Torres helps YOU find A Beautiful Life.

Episode 1: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 4 Edition 1 - Quiet Confidence Like a Queen

Judy returns with a new season of Beautiful Life!  In this first episode back, Miss Richmond County Madison Gattullo (under the Miss America Organization) shares her experience of dealing with weight struggles, and embracing who she is with her Quiet Confidence Like a Queen! If you have a topic for discussion or wish to be on a future episode, email JudyTorresLifecoach@gmail.com, so Judy can help you find the Beautiful Life, you truly deserve!

Episode 5: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 3 Edition 5 - Greg's Fat to Fit Journey

No matter where you are in your journey to becoming the healthiest you, there are obstacles to overcome.  And it's not just losing the weight but KEEPING it off.  In this interview with Greg Afanador, Judy and Greg talk honestly about the journey of weight loss surgery,  the risk of developing "transfer addiction," body dysmorphia, and the root of being overweight.  In addition, they discuss the physical and emotional challenges of that decision... ultimately discussing all the issues; that it's not just about losing weight & keeping it off, but also about the biggest key to success:  loving yourself through every stage of it.

Episode 4: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 3 Edition 4 - What You See, is What You Get!

On this episode, chats with her friend and fellow performer, the one and only Brenda K. Starr!  They discuss reinventing yourself in the agist music business, how to remain visible and relevant while growing older, and her new single Quedate.  Plus Brenda's husband, Chris Petrone,  joins in and they discuss how they've been able to keep such a strong marriage, what it takes to be married to a celebrity and much more!  Want to know how she remains fierce, protecting her name, reputation and family?  Check it out!

Episode 3: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 3 Edition 3 - Life Gives Ya, What It Gives Ya! (featuring One Funny Lisa Marie)

In this episode of Beautiful Life With Judy Torres, the podcast, we finally have some comedy relief with Sweetheart of Staten Island, @Onefunnylisamarie, Lisa Marie Riley!  We discuss how we can find humor even during the worst of times.  We also talk beauty, how she folds a fitted sheet, how to handle haters and more!  Please remember to follow, subscribe, share and review!! 

Episode 2: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 3 Edition 2 - I Release You (Letting Go)

In this intimate episode, Judy discusses the loss of her father, the challenges of grieving the death of a parent,  especially when it was a less than perfect one. Judy also chats with beloved radio personality, Speedy, as he shares his major anxiety about losing his mom in the future.  What can you say to yourself to get you through it all?  How can you forgive?  How do you cope?  Tune into this episode!  May it inspire, encourage and empower.

Episode 1: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 3 Edition 1 - Judy Opens Up About...

We apologize for cutting it short in season 2, but with the rise of COVID, and some unforeseen circumstances that Judy encountered, we needed time for her to work through them.  In any event... The podcast Beautiful Life with Judy Torres is BACK!  In this first episode of a new season, Judy updates her listeners on the last six months of her life, which include the separation from her husband, the passing of her father and stepmom, a car accident and surviving COVID.  What happened?  Why? How did she make it through?  How was she able to make the tough decisions?  If you need to be inspired and encouraged, check it out! To see the visual episode of this podcast, head over to subscribe to @JudyTorres on YouTube.

Episode 12: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 12 - Dealing with Internet Trolls with Tre Deuce of TKA

Do you ever notice that when you post on social media, it opens up a world of opinions and comments?  Some are also unwelcome, and those are the ones that sting us the most.  In this edition, Tre Deuce of TKA talks with Judy about a recent issue he encountered on his social media feed, and how it was handled.  Of course Wilhelmina offers her Meme of the Week, but Poochie is in a situation of her own... find out what happens, and a freestyle fix always adds to a Beautiful Life! 

Episode 11: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 11 - Life After PTSD with JW Cortes

Actor, Veteran, and Philanthropist JW Cortes as seen on the hit TV series Gotham, among many other roles, joins Judy to discuss finding his career and pursuing his life long passion as a way to recover from PTSD.  JW served our country, and shares his story of how he went through PTSD, addiction, and how it lead him to his dream job as well as becoming the president of an incredible non-for-profit foundation!  JW a huge freestyle freak talks music and culture with Judy including In The Heights!  It's a great conversation, that so many can benefit from.  Keep it tuned to find out how you can support The Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation by meeting both Judy and JW at a special upcoming event... and of course, Wilhelmina and Poochie!  This is most definitely and episode you won't want to miss!