Oscars Fave: 'Gary From Chicago' Dark Past Revealed

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'Gary from Chicago' who was one of the unsuspecting tour bus riders, part of Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar bit had the night of his life on Sunday.  Not only did he get to pose for selfies with all of the A-listers and nominees in the front row, he even had an impromptu 'wedding' ceremony performed by none other than Denzel Washington

However, after some news sources did a little digging, they discovered that media darling Gary actually has a dark past.  In fact, he was reportedly released from prison just days prior.  

According to the NY Post

Accidental Oscars star “Gary from Chicago” has a dark role in his past – as an ex-con who served more than 22 years in prison for attempted rape.

Unsuspecting tourist Gary Alan Coe was aboard a double-decker bus that was detoured to the Dolby Theater in the midst of Tinseltown’s biggest night.

Can people change?  Yes.  He is engaged to be married to his finacée, Vickie, who was also present on Sunday evening.  

Coe was also supposed to appear on a post-Oscars late night show with Jimmy Kimmel but that has since been canceled due to 'lack of time.' 

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