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Friendship Meet Cutes With Author, Lane Moore

All The Awards, All At Once 🏆

It was a big night for Everything Everywhere All At Once which had 7 Oscar wins, including the coveted award for Best Picture. We break down some of the other big moments.

In the banking world, customers and tech startups were shaken over the weekend by the collapse of Silicon Valley and Signature Bank.
Thankfully the Federal Government stepped in and announced that people and companies would in fact have access to their funds.

We also dive into some child labor laws, other headlines, and end the episode as always with our Good News Corner.

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Spring Ahead And Don't Look Back

In this week's headlines:
Yet another Ohio train derailment - thankfully this one wasn't carrying hazmat.
In some more positive news: After decades in the making, the UN agrees to protect the seas with the UN High Seas Treaty.
CPAC was this weekend, we talk about who was there, and who was notably absent.
Locally in NYC, Mayor Adams had his constituents scratching their heads after his separation of Church and State remark.
President Biden marked the 58th anniversary of Selma’s "Bloody Sunday", stating: The right to vote ... to have your vote counted is the threshold of democracy and liberty. With it anything’s possible."
Lastly, could this weekend be the last time we change our clocks?

We finish out the episode with some good news. Please give a listen, rate, review, and subscribe.

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Dilbert's Last Day At The Office 💻

From an update on SCOTUS and student debt relief to the Dilbert creator's racist rant. We touch upon a wide array of topics this week.

Congrats to Michelle Yeoh, and the entire cast of Everything Everywhere All At Once on winning big at the SAG Awards this weekend.

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Charlie And The Chocolate Redactory

President Biden takes a pit stop in Ukraine, Marjorie Taylor Greene wants another divorce, John Fetterman does what’s right, and we discuss kids' book rewrites. All that, and more... plus our Good News (Donations) Corner!


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Valentine's Day! Rihanna Wins, More UFOs, And Ecological Disaster, And More

After taking years off from music, Rihanna rose to the occasion *literally, and handled the halftime show with poise, subtlety, and with a new addition!
RiRi wasn't the only one flying high this weekend - with more UAPs making headlines.
In other, more disturbing news, three more chemicals have been found on the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in Ohio just over a week ago which has the potential to cause harm... we discuss.
We also delve into a few stories out of Florida and round out the episode with some good news.

Beyoncé's Night, Harry's House, Spy Balloons, And More...

In this week's episode, we recap Music's Biggest Night (The Grammys.) Congrats to Beyoncé on becoming the most decorated artist in Grammy history, to Kim Petras on becoming the first transgender woman to take home an award, to Lizzo, Harry, and Bonnie Rait!

Speaking of performances, a suspected Chinese spy balloon was shot down after entering U.S. airspace.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks struck southeastern Turkey, causing more than 3,452 deaths. If you are considering donating, here is a list of organizations (courtesy of Time Magazine) to look into that are providing aid:
    • UNICEF
    • The White Helmets
    • Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay) …
    • International Rescue Committee
    • Save the Children
    • Global Giving
    • Project HOPE
We are a week into Black History Month and each year the Association for the Study of African American Life and History chooses a different theme.
This year is "Black Resistance."
Learn more about them here:

Finally, in your Good News Corner: 9-year-old Bobbi Wilson was doing her part to rid her neighborhood of those pesky lantern flies before a neighbor called the police. She's now being recognized for her efforts by Yale's School of Public Health.

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Happy Birthday Jaki! 🥳 First In-Person Pod of 2023

In honor of our favorite Golden Girl, we dragged the podcasting kit out of hibernation and did our first in-person pod of 2023. Happy Birthday, Jaki!

This week we cover all the latest news & current events:
  • Good news for women as access to contraception becomes more accessible
  • And for the first time, top spots on the Senate and House Appropriations committees are all held by women
  • Five officers have been charged in connection with Tyre Nichols' senseless murder:
    • https://www.gofundme.com/f/tyre-nichols is the official fundraising page to help his family through this unimaginable loss.
  • In other headlines:
    • The match-up for Super Bowl 57 is complete – the Kansas City Chiefs will meet the Philadelphia Eagles on February 12th in Glendale, Arizona.
    • Hours at major pharmacies are about to be cut short.
    • Lisa Loring, best known for her character Wednesday Addams in the first TV adaptation of The Addams Family in the 1960s, died at 64.
  • Good News Corner:
    • More affordable college options courtesy of the Green brothers
      • youtube.com/studyhall

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Year Of The Rabbit, Sundance Controvesy, & More

Celebration turned into tragedy at a Lunar New Year celebration in California over the weekend.
In Florida, the Department of Education has rejected an advanced placement course covering African American Studies.
Overseas, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is stepping down, citing the need for a better work-life balance. At only 37, Ardern became the world's youngest female leader in 2017.

Back in the states, The Sundance Film Festival was host to some off-screen drama over accessibility. And in other movie news, James Cameron is a boss at the box office. Avatar: The Way of Water, topped $2 billion at the box office this weekend - becoming just the sixth movie in history to reach the milestone. (He has two other films in the top 6!)

In sports, the Bills' season is officially over, but they are still winners, with Damar Hamlin making miraculous steps in his recovery and being able to appear at the playoff game to support his teammates.

And Good News for reproductive health if you live in New York.

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A King's Legacy, Gas Stove Chaos, ChatGPT Crackdown, Biden's Docs, And A Super Bowl Hero

"On this week's episode of 'Give Our Take,' we recognize MLK Day as a day of service and speak about The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, commonly known as The King Center, founded by Coretta Scott King.
We also dive into the controversy surrounding ChatGPT: helpful tool? Or a new way to plagiarize? Plus, what one student invented as a way to detect whether text is A.I.-written.

A new study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that 12.7% of childhood asthma in the US is attributable to gas stove use, and while we are certainly keeping our eye on this... it has become the most clickbait-y headline of the week.

The Biden administration is in hot water - it looks like classified documents have been found from his VP days, and the President’s personal attorneys are cooperating with the Archives and the Department of Justice.
Republicans are using the incident to draw parallels to the FBI's raid of Mar-a-Lago, where they found more than 300 classified documents 45 brought to his beach house.

Finally, in your Good News Corner: An update on the Buffalo hero who saved neighbors during the storm - he's going to the Super Bowl!

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