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Swift Fans And Turkey Day Plans

Blue Wall And Twitter Fall

Looks like we were wrong about the midterms, but so were all the polls. The Dems have held on to the Senate, but we still have a Georgia runoff to contend with. Outside the US, we update you on the human rights violations against protestors in Iran- and what you can do to try and make a difference. Lastly, we cover headlines: including the chaos on Twitter and our girl Dolly making the 9-5 a little sweeter for New Yorkers and others thanks to Jeff Bezos?

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Midterms And Marathons

Warm weather welcomed NYC Marathoners this weekend, with the biggest group of runners since 2019. We are also looking at big crowds making early voting records as we roll into the much-anticipated midterm election today! We made our voting plan, did you? And stay tuned ‘til the end to hear about your chance to help a worthy cause, and meet our podcast live on Nov 11th.

Hate on Twitter And Swift Gets Bigger

With Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, there has been an increase in hate speech, and a long list of advertisers and high-profile celebrity accounts pulling back. The bad news doesn’t end there... talks of massive firings and even conspiracy theories around the attack on Paul Pelosi coming from Elon himself make headlines.

We keep you up-to-date on international news from Ukraine, the deadly Halloween event in South Korea, inflation, and more in this week’s episode.

Ending with good news from your favorite Halloween costume store that also gives back to the community. Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween.

House Of The Dragon, The McRib Is Back, And Ye Is No Longer A Billionaire

So much to catch up on. In today's episode:

Around 9.3 million viewers saw Sunday's 'House of the Dragon' finale.

McDonald’s announced yesterday that its seasonal barbecue-flavored pork sandwich will return to menus from Oct. 31 to Nov. 20, but dubbed this stint the “farewell tour.”

And finally, Adidas cuts ties with Ye.

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Happy Diwali, Margot Robbie, And UK Parties

The U.K. has a new PM, Joker has a new Harley, and we have a new place to pod from: the airport.
Locally, NYC is moving towards being more inclusive, with a new school break for Diwali in 2023. The same can’t be said across the country as we look at a new repressive bill, similar to the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, and midterm GOP party platforms in the upcoming election. We chat about the issues that matter most to us and others, and want to hear what’s making you want to turn out and vote this November.

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More Jan 6 Videos, Midterms, Social Media Shuffles & More

Let's get into some topics: new Jan 6th videos are surfacing of Roger Stone, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and more. Kanye West wants to buy a social media platform after getting banned from, well, everything else. Plus, the real reason why Wendy couldn't make it to record this episode and much more!

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Pot Convictions Tossed, Kanye Locked, Russia Ramps Up And Midterms Go Mad

Dark Brandon is out, and pardoned marijuana convictions on the federal level. But should he do more? We look at that, give an update on Ukraine and the possible threats from North Korea, and dive into some of the mud slung in the upcoming midterms.

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Spooky National Taco Day and Bucket Challenge

Guess who's back? Back again? It's Wendy and Alex here and we're celebrating the start of spooky season with ... tacos? Plus Hocus Pocus 2, a fun update on the ALS Bucket Challenge and more.

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Hurricane Devastation, Crystal Flute Controversy, And More

This week's episode covers the devastation that Hurricane Ian left behind in Southwest Florida, and what has to be done to help rebuild this community and Puerto Rico that Fiona ravaged only weeks ago.

SCOTUS is back in session and we give you a brief synopsis of the cases we're watching.

There's unrest in Russia, and continued protests in Iran.

And in your headlines, the crystal flute heard around the world, Kim K. is in a bit of hot water, and John Cena gives back.

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