Starcrossed Babies?! 'Romeo' And 'Juliet' Born Just Hours Apart!

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Is it destiny? According to Cassie Clayshulte Photography who posted the news to Facebook: 

Star Crossed Babies! Sunday afternoon in Bluffton, South Carolina at 2:06pm, Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed their baby into the world and named him Romeo. 18 hours and 8 minutes later, in the next room, Christiana and Allan Shifflett welcomed a baby girl and named her... that's right.....Juliet! Both parents had picked these names out early on in their pregnancies and neither couple knew each other until they met today! Both babies have full heads of hair and already make the cutest couple! Photos by Cassie Clayshulte Photography at Coastal Carolina Hospital.

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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