Singer Willa Ford Clarifies 9-11 Comments

Willa Ford

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Yesterday, pretty much every entertainment website posted an article titled 'Willa Ford Blames Failed Music Career On 9-11.'  At least something to that effect.  Ford, however believes that her comments were taken out of context and clarified what she meant. 

According to E! News

Amid backlash, Willa Ford has clarified her comments regarding the end of her pop career. In a statement to PeopleFriday, the singer said, "In a recent interview with Billboard, I made a comment about the release of a single by my record label on Sept. 11, 2001, where I stated, 'Everything that happened that day froze; the world stood still as it should have.' During the past day, other news outlets have taken the liberty to say that I somehow blamed 9/11 for my song not taking off…this could not be further from the truth," Ford said. "It was meant to be an inspirational piece about how the universe sent me in a new and different direction, one that has led me to success and joy in other areas of my personal and professional life."

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Willa described some of the above-mentioned headlines as 'ridiculous.'

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