Alessia Cara Talked To Khalid About Another Collaboration


My QUEEN stopped by the studio today, Alessia Cara! Her second album The Pains of Growing just came out and it's been such a whirlwind for her! 

We couldn't help but notice the grey oversized suit that Alessia has been wearing in her music videos, during her concerts and on the cover of the album. What does it all mean?! "What it can feel like to grow up. Sometimes I feel like a little kid in a role that's too big for me.." Alessia continues saying, "I just thought that would be a cool artistic way to represent the idea of feeling too small in your own sometimes." 

Since winning her new artist Grammy last year, Alessia has been on a roll meeting different artists "I'm a fan first," says Alessia. Is there anyone she bonded with in particular though that could be her next collaboration? "I was talking to Khalid the other day.. he's the best and we've spoken about it a bunch." Alessia explains, "I would love to do something with him, he's so cool. We've done something with Logic already but I would love to write together or something." 

Well we are just loving this sophomore year album right now and can't wait to hear what Alessia has for us next! Can't wait! 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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