Tired Of Being Single, Woman Puts Dating Ad In NYC Taxis

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Some singles use online dating to find a partner, but a top realtor in New York City is advertising her search for love in the back of a cab. Ann Cutbill Lenane is putting herself on the market in a funny 30-second TV commercial, titled “A Man for Ann,” airing now on Taxi TV.

The 56-year-old divorced mom of two uses the ad to spell out what she’s looking for – and her deal breakers – with humor. “I have managed to sell billions of dollars worth of New York real estate, but the one thing I haven’t been able to do is find a wonderful, single, divorced dad to remarry,” she says. “You would think it’s easy, but it’s not!

She says her perfect man would be “emotionally, physically and financially healthy” and “a good human being.” She also prefers a divorced guy because she says they seem to “get” what it takes to be in a relationship. In the ad, which cost her $5-grand, she puts it all out there.

“So if you’re a gentleman with a kind and generous soul and you love your mother — but you don’t still live with her,” she says in the promo, “and can appreciate a 56-year-old fit and fabulous woman, feel free to give me a call.” Find out more (or perhaps submit someone who’d be a great fit).

Watch her ad here:

For years people have called me #Annie GetsitDone, not only in my professional life as a top real estate broker, but in my personal life as well. I can make almost anything happen, but the search for a great life partner has been entertaining (to say the least) but so far unsuccessful. So I created this funny takeoff on my real estate ads that also run in NYC cabs.

#Life is short, so I decided to go for it, celebrate my age and creatively market myself like I do my properties. The courage and inspiration to do that came from the hundreds of #WiseandWonderfulWomen whom I have been bringing together over the last year for women-only dinners. Thank you Ladies!

I love this because I’m saying “I’m fabulous at 56” while lightly mocking the dire straits of dating in NYC…. So please help me by posting it on your social media and send to friends!! Please Go to YouTube and cut and paste and help me make it go viral ! Also check out my web page AManForAnn.com

And look for me in the NBC cabs and shame on you ABC for not running! #WishMe Luck ☺

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