Why Am I Having Weird Dreams Lately?

Yesterday on the show, I was discussing how many people are having sleep issues and/or weird dreams and it's all connected to COVID-19. ⁣

Google reports this month that searches for “Why am I having weird dreams lately” has quadrupled.⁣

Sleep experts say there’s a scientific explanation: The longer and later we sleep, like most of us have while locked down, our dreams become warped. ⁣

They suggest you’ll have a better night’s sleep by avoiding caffeine, alcohol, food and COVID-19 news shortly before bedtime.Being that we recorded the latest episode of Tales Over Cocktails last night, I wasn't so good about the no-alcohol part before bed, oops! ⁣

Today I woke up feeling a bit tired, so I decided on this easy, and very wearable look that you can practice while in quarantine.

In case you're curious what we were up to on the podcast last night:

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Love you much and have a wonderful & safe evening.