Who's Ready To Spring Ahead?

Daylight Saving Time Begins This Sunday

The clocks change twice a year, but somehow we're never fully prepared for the way it affects our sleep pattern. I've never understood this, as the hours of sleep I accumulate is different each night (sometimes by more than an hour.)

With that said, I personally LOVE the shift into DST. I love the feeling of Spring coming, and extra hour that I could spend outside. Dr. Nebraska on the other hand calls the process a crime against our health. Can you tell which of us is the early bird?

If you do find it difficult to adjust, experts advise going to bed 15 minutes earlier a few days before the change. Then set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier. That’ll ease you into it. Or just trick your brain…change the time on your clocks and watch 15 minutes each day before Sunday.

Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday morning.

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