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Adjust Your Internal Clock Ahead Of Daylight Saving Time This Weekend

Spring forward concept. Alarm clock, pen and notepad. Daylight saving time.

Photo: Anna Blazhuk / Moment / Getty Images

The good news: MORE DAYLIGHT is coming! I can just feel that seasonal depression dripping away...

The bad news: And we hear this quite often... changing of the clocks twice is year is so jarring to our systems, it can mess with your head in a similar fashion to jet lag!

Dr. Beth Malow, the director of the Sleep Disorders Division of Vanderbilt University, advises to transition with as little discomfort as possible by following these tips:

• Starting tonight, go to bed 20-minutes earlier. Set the alarm 20-minutes earlier, too.

• Don’t sleep in on Sunday: Get up at your regular time.

Here are some more things you can do to make the transition as painless as possible:

And if all else fails - we'll all be tired together when the show returns on Monday 😂

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